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Is NLP Mind Control or Manipulation?


A common barrier to people exploring the benefits of learning NLP is the false perceptions that people have about it. Similarly, these fears and false perceptions create hesitation for people to learn hypnosis. One of the most common questions I get is "Isn't NLP mind control or manipulation?" Now, while you might be expecting me to rebut and say "why no!!!" the answer is that it actually IS mind control BUT it's that YOU are the one who is doing the controlling. And yes, it IS manipulation of the mind, but (and you might see this coming) you are learning to manipulate your own mind.

Let's break this down.

Most people walk as if they are at the effect of their thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Now, if it is your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that drive your decisions and behaviors (conscious and unconscious) then you can imagine that most people are walking around as if they completely at the effect of their circumstances and they react and behave accordingly. This is not an empowering place to be.

However, a person who knows and understands truly what NLP is understands that one of the first assumptions of NLP is that you are in charge of your mind and therefore you are in charge of your results. And so someone with perhaps an NLP certification and training who gets into a space of "problem thinking" knows how to use the methodologies and tools of NLP to reframe themselves to a more resourceful place that allows them to move into "solution thinking" so that they can have the best outcome to their challenge. What did they just do? Manipulate their mind!

Let's take a parent who teaches a child how to see things from a different perspective. I was playing basketball with my 7-year-old in the driveway a few months ago, and he was missing shots. After missing about 8 or 9 in a row, he got extremely frustrated. He threw the ball down and said "I'm so bad at this, I'm the worst!" So, instead of running to encourage him, I said to him "Wow you're frustrated aren't you." He replied, "Yes, I feel like I'm never going to be able to make a basket". And I said "Never? Ever? Ever?" and he said, "well, maybe if I practiced I could". I said, "like you practiced Kung Fu and got better… got your yellow and then orange sash?". He perked up and said, "Yeah, I guess". I then said, "so what do you want to do?" He smiled and said…"keep going!" I gave him a few form tips, and he made the next shot…and the next… and the next.

Now, what happened there? I simply helped him reframe himself. I helped him to get control of his mind… that's the type of mind control, NLP can bring.

Now I will not deny that there are people out there who have used NLP and hypnosis for personal gain in an unethical and unecological way. However, those people are the fringe and not the fabric of what NLP is. And in fact, another great reason to learn hypnosis and NLP is to improve your listening to be able to hear when you encounter people like this.

So, yes, NLP is mind control … learning how to control your own mind and empower others to control their mind (which is quite useful and empowering). And yes, NLP is manipulation… learning how to manipulate unhealthy and un-useful thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs so that you can move yourself into a more resourceful powerful state that will help you make better decisions, communicate more effectively, and relate to others more easily. I'd imagine that is the kind of mind control and manipulation you might actually welcome into your life, wouldn't you?

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