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Listening To Your Inner Voice


We have all the resources we need to succeed.

I remember the very first time I took a call in residency. My senior resident told me that she had my back… but I couldn't stop being scared. We admitted 16 patients that night, and all the processes and responsibilities felt so new and scary.

At some point I just realized I wasn't going to sleep at all, and forced myself to accept the situation and focus on what was really important. I felt like a machine. It was magical how productive and efficient I became after letting go of all my worries and accepted reality.

I had the resources I needed, I just had to let go of my mental blocks.

Resources are Always Available 

The strength, the focus, the stamina... whatever resource that you're needing in the moment that you're about to take on an adventure or challenge.

Last month we talked about the principles of the unconscious mind. We talked about how it stored memories even beyond the ones you can actually remember.

When I realized I was about to become a single mom, I had no idea of how I was going to make it work. I had my full time private practice (which I had taken some time off from, and had a couple of docs filling in but numbers were still low, because people were waiting for me to come back), I was recovering physically from a C-section, and so I was physically limited… and I didn't have family that lived in town. I remember talking to my aunt, and her saying that she could come stay with me for a month. Then I could talk with my mom… then my son's father's mom… then my dad and his wife… Somehow the resources were there, I just didn't see them because I was used to being alone. All I needed was to use my voice and ask for help.

Even after 12 weeks had passed and everyone went home (and I had to go to work), I was able to work it out, and balance taking care of my son and returning to work. I wasn't making a lot of money in my practice back then… It had gotten slow. But I had all the resources I needed internally to create a solution. 

Find the Resources Inside of You 

Now some might listen and mistake what I'm saying to need we have all the resources externally, but if you listen a little deeper, look a little deeper at the examples I gave it was the internal resources that actually produced the external results.

Think about it… Can you remember a time where you felt stuck… alone… scared… and knew that no one was coming… but then somehow you made a way. You figured it out. You CALLED IN your unconscious resources (knowledge, memories, skills, communications) to get you past that stuck point.

in anything we do: our career, our business, our parenting - we have all the resources we need. And while sometimes we think there is no other option. If we look deeper and listen to our unconscious mind (not your limiting beliefs, negative self talk, fears, or conflicted parts), we will find the answers you need to move forward.

Ready for positive belief change? Ready to get rid of the negative emotions, limiting beliefs and self doubt standing in the way of you living your best life?

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024