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Perception not reality


How we interpret things impacts our communication. Every person's interpretations vary in some ways and we must acknowledge that things are not always as we perceive them. Today's discussion is going to deal with our perception and how it affects our being.

The unconscious mind processes and filters information

Our unconscious mind controls and maintains our insights. There are countless pieces of information every second that were presented to us at any given time. These massive amounts of data that come in have to be filtered and processed by our brains. And it is our unconscious mind that makes the information we have received manageable for us and our unconscious mind to comprehend.

The unconscious mind will look for signs and symbols to create meaning

Have you experienced looking into an abstract painting and trying to seek its meaning? We might have had some acquaintances who can look deep into an art piece and eventually understand its message yet some don't. The mind is said to be symbolic and it always searches for meaning. We may interpret the words we hear from people differently from what it truly means.

The unconscious mind personalizes everything that you perceive

A famous quote says," Perception is projection" which also tells us that what we perceived as true is what we will produce. Some of our perceptions are actually the projection of ourselves. In other words, whatever things we always complain about most harshly in others may be a reflection of our inner self. And that what we hate most about others may actually be what we hate most in ourselves. Because our interpretation of things tells something about who we truly are inside. Therefore, we have to be mindful of how we interpret the things around us because things are not always what we perceived them to be. Learning this tool helps us have a better impact on our community, especially for those who serve to attend to the need of others.

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