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Is NLP Hypnosis and Why Should I Consider Learning them Both?


I often get asked why I teach time line therapy®, hypnosis, and NLP certification trainings together. Can't I just do one? Is one sufficient? Is there additional benefit to doing them all? The answer to all these questions is yes. Let me first break down the relationship between hypnosis, NLP, and Time Line therapy®.

One could say that the origins of all three of these transformational disciplines began with trance work (now known as hypnosis). Hypnosis as been around since the days of early Egyptians. People used many methods for inducing trance (or mesmerism) including drumming, chanting, various musical instruments, and even slow, intentional hand movements. Trance, which has been called many things over the millennia, is simply a deep state of relaxation, with focused state of concentration which allows an increased state of awareness. From this state many things are possible. For example, many use this state to gain deeper connection with themselves, to travel to deeper levels of consciousness, and to gain new insights into their own feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and experiences. You may have heard of Transcendental Meditation. This is inducing a trance in oneself. Hypnosis is simply another relatively structured way to achieve this trance state usually assisted by a trained professional and utilized for therapy and healing in most cases. There are many styles and methodologies to hypnosis, and while with meditation and self-hypnosis, it could take weeks to months to transform oneself, the highly trained hypnotherapist can help their client create powerful change in just a few sessions. To listen more about hypnosis click HERE

Now, let's talk about NLP. NLP (which stands for neurolinguistic programming) is the study of how language impacts our brain… what we think, feel and do… and how that influences our behaviors. NLP takes the theoretical research of linguistics, cognitive and behavioral science, neuropsychology, neuroscience, and the psychology of language and teaches practical effective techniques and tools on how to apply theory into daily application in all areas of life. Additionally, some of its techniques evolved out of and incorporate the use of hypnotic language patterns to affect deeper and longer-lasting change in a person. This is the reason Neurolinguistic programming is so effective. It's also why it is so difficult to study itself in research because much of the techniques come from applying the combined research of multiple disciplines that surround an aspect of the brain with which we have not developed the technology to measure effectively consistently (like specific thoughts linked to behavior). (Learn more about NLP by clicking HERE)

About 4 decades ago, Dr. Tad James evolved the world of NLP by bringing a technique called Time Line Therapy® to the discipline. Time Line Therapy® is simply a way to release major negative emotions, deep trauma wounds, negative thinking patterns and limiting decisions from the past at their source. This is a very powerful deep transformation process that utilizes the techniques of both NLP and Hypnosis in the way that hypnotic language is used to help the client access their subconscious during the process, and NLP language principles are used to help the client reframe and re-contextualize the negative experience and take new insights and lessons they can use in the future. (Get more details about Time Line Therapy HERE)

So, you can see that any one of these techniques would be extremely useful and powerful on their own, however, using them in combination or interchangeably exponentially expands your flexibility and power to communicate, be flexible in challenging circumstances, release negative emotions, and limiting thinking, resolve conflict, and create incredible change for yourself (and your clients) in any given situation. Why would I not want to teach them ALL to you at once?

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