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The Balance Between Celebration and Staying Focused

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Something happened while I was practicing yoga this morning, and I had to share it with you. For those of you who do not know, I've been a yogi for 15 years, so I consider myself to be high intermediate level practitioner. I commit 4 days out of my week to my practice. It is something that keeps me focused and yet grounded. This particular morning I was doing a more restorative practice.

As I flowed, I began thinking about how sometimes, when we reach a goal, we have a tendency for to take our foot off the gas. So, as you might imagine, there are some complicated and more advanced postures that come along with an advanced practice.

As with anything, the more challenging asanas come with practice and consistency. And once I'm able to do a posture, there's a mini-celebration that goes on inside of me. However, the discipline comes in staying vigilant in the practice rather than using celebration as an excuse to let up. When I accomplish something new in my practice, I am mindful to not to let the celebration create apathy but rather to use the celebration as momentum and motivation. I utilize that energy, that adrenaline to push me through the next level inside my yoga practice.

How to translate this into your life?

When it comes to our careers, our businesses, and our lives there will be many causes for celebration of goals. It's important to celebrate these wins. However, rather than treating the win as a stopping point, treat it like a milestone. What do you do with a milestone? You celebrate mentally and keep going. You might give yourself a reward, or give yourself a breather. However, realize this; there is a difference between a breather and a full stop.

What happens when you stop completely is similar to what happens if you stop in the middle of a workout. Your body cools down, and your muscles start tightening again. Then it takes warming up again to reach that full performance that was present when you were already at full capacity.

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