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​The Importance of Core Values for Your Business


Keep all your values aligned with your behavior.

What Are Values? 

Values are defined as core principles we operate from that have intrinsic value in our lives. Values are mostly instilled from childhood and are usually picked up early on from our parents. They may not necessarily be taught to us, they can also be modeled to.

Values can be things like integrity, contribution, accomplishment, family, relationship, and freedom. These are usually the core principles that are intrinsically important to us. They are always running in the background, influencing every action we take, every decision we make in our lives daily.

Why Are Values Important for Physicians and Medical Professionals in Business? 

"What I often empower my physicians to do is to first determine what's important to them."

by Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

I've seen a lot of doctors that come to me burned out because their actions and their values were not aligned. This causes a disparity in, fulfillment, and well-being. When docs are looking for something to do when trying to start their own business, they want something that feels like their own. Unless you know what your values are, you're just going to be trying things here and there. Throwing paint against the wall, waiting for something to stick.

What I often empower my physicians to do is to first determine what's important to them. What do they love? What are those core values? Once you determine these core values, then you can determine what pathways will be a fit for the business you are starting or the career you are embarking upon.

So your turn!

What are some of your core values?

If you are having trouble uncovering your core values, and determining what path is right for you, consider scheduling a free discovery call.  

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