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Where Are You Not Free?


While thinking about freedom, I realized how we are not truly free as a culture, and even personally there may be places where you are not free.

So.. Where are you not free? 

Where are you not free from group thinking? 

A lot of what has been going on is a result of just agreeing with our reality. When you are not free from your group's influence it's hard to discern between the things we want to do and the things we think we are supposed to do. This can happen on so many different levels. From the values of the country all the way down to family values or friends/peer pressure.

As a physician observing the amount of group thinking in the industry, it's easy to realize why doctors are burning out. Most of us accepted the belief that if you are not number one, you are nobody. 

Where are you not free from your internal state

Negative beliefs are constantly surrounding us. On an individual level, you can be inside your own prison. It's important to keep in mind that these negative beliefs, intrusive, and limiting thoughts are not part of your nature. You were not born with them. They are something that you picked up along the way. For example, the culture of white supremacy has been passed down from generation to generation for over 400 years. It has been passed through conversations, experiences, watching the news, etc.

Belief systems (negative or positive) are absorbed into your system and your unconscious mind. 

You are not free when you constantly think of… 

  • How people will judge you
  • What your colleagues are thinking about you or your work
  • Limits to put into your decisions because you fear what others will say/think
  • Pushing aside solutions outside the box because they are not "safe"

We always want to appear to be strong 

When you are not free from your group's influence it's hard to discern between the things we want to do and the things we think we are supposed to do.

by Dr. Maiysha

Mental health, depression, anxiety… and anything other than being perceived as strong seems to be wrong. This cage of making it look like we have everything figured out impacts our ability of self expression and makes us stuff emotions.

But to be truly strong is to give yourself permission to be free. But that doesn't come easy. and most of the time takes a lot of time and baby steps to get there. 

To be truly free

To be truly free is to be free from other people's values, opinions, and belief systems. Making our own decisions rather than the predetermined ones. The beautiful thing is that, as we start to become free ourselves then we are able to empower others to be free as well. Our parents, kids, friends, and colleagues.

Learning NLP as a Path to Slay those Obstacles

NLP is a way of revealing your blind so that you can reliably remove the obstacles that keep you from getting what you want in your life. NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is how we use our words (linguistics), to reprogram our minds ("neuro" and "programming"). Simply put. We can decode the unconscious language of our mind that is holding us back, and eliminate and upgrade our conversations just as an anti-virus programs eliminates viruses and repairs the damage to the system. When you learn NLP you get the tools to coach yourself (and sometimes others) through moments that you might normally get emotionally hijacked.

Our Mind ReMapping Mastery Programs can help you to learn the tools you need to reprogram old thoughts, and habits and you can even learn to do it yourself. To learn more visit www.mindremappingacademy.com/applynow

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