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Restoring Your Personal Power


|Created on January, 2021|

In the face of the current events, I feel it's important to talk about feelings of loss of power and how to overcome them.

After a year of COVID, the possibility of somewhat bittersweet holidays, and witnessing the acts of terrorism that took place in the Capitol... things can get exhausting. A lot of emotions will start generating quickly, and while it's important to address them, it's also important to not get stuck in them.

Protecting your emotional wellbeing, your soul, your spirit, while witnessing all the trauma that goes around you can be challenging. And yes, live representation of a very much alive culture of white supremacy is traumatic and is something that probably won't be away overnight. 

Step 1: Stay tuned… with limits 

One of the first things to do is to limit sensory exposure. And of course, it's ok to watch the news to stay informed and discuss certain events with, but checking Twitter or online sources all day will only add weight on you. Same with making it the only topic of conversation. Weight it out with other things that make you happy, and let yourself get distracted by hobbies or activities that have nothing to do with delicate topics.

Step 2: Feel the feelings

Then, allow emotions to flow. Sadness, anger, confusion, fear… whatever they are. Keep in mind that you are not your emotions. You are not anger, you are not fear. You are just experiencing them as a reaction to your surroundings. Once you recognize your feelings, give them a time frame. How long will you stay in the narrative and allow yourself to experience the emotion? Find a committed listener to help you through this stage. Expressing how you feel and having someone listen to you are crucial in the processing stage. Be aware that this can bring stuff up from you past, and that's ok. Connections can be made (past experiences with racism, for example). The more you dig, the more you will be able to solve in the following steps.

Step 3: What will you do about it?

Third comes action. This is the true step forward that keeps you from getting stuck in emotions. Being productive and taking a part in order to create transformation. Instead of dwelling in sadness or anger, you will be able to empty your basket of emotions and get a sense of purpose. Feeling practical and useful will give you relative peace.

Learning NLP as a Path to Slay those Obstacles

NLP is a way of revealing your blind so that you can reliably remove the obstacles that keep you from getting what you want in your life. NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is how we use our words (linguistics), to reprogram our minds ("neuro" and "programming"). Simply put. We can decode the unconscious language of our mind that is holding us back, and eliminate and upgrade our conversations just as an anti-virus programs eliminates viruses and repairs the damage to the system. When you learn NLP you get the tools to coach yourself (and sometimes others) through moments that you might normally get emotionally hijacked.

Our Mind ReMapping Mastery Programs can help you to learn the tools you need to reprogram old thoughts, and habits and you can even learn to do it yourself. To learn more visit www.mindremappingacademy.com/applynow

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