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Where You Put Your Focus...

Where you put your focus
Many people think that what you create is based on the actions and decisions from the past. Truth is, creation of your future is based on where you are currently putting your focus.

When you focus on the past:

You are looking out the rear view window. Your actions are based on conscious and unconscious biases (judgement, fear, etc) that run the way you act instead of you being the one deciding. Biases are distractions.

It's important to view the past as a contribution to who we are now, and not the definition of who we will always be.

When you focus on the future:

You acknowledge who you were, what you did, and how you felt.. and use that as tools to learn how to improve as well as what is the situation surrounding you. Focusing on the future gives you strength to heal and come to terms with the things that left you a scar. Remember: Honoring the past does not mean getting stuck in it.

Applying this to our current context

2020 and 2021 have been hard for everyone. We have lost people we love, jobs, opportunities, the capability to plan ahead, relax, among other things. We could keep feeling terrible about what we went through, or we could take this as an opportunity for deep work.

We've been put in a situation where we're forced to choose either fear or growth. This in an opportunity to change the fixed mindset "There's nothing I can do, I will have to sit down and watch the world end" to an open mindset "With more time available, it will be possible to learn about myself, learn new skills, and build resilience."

We should get rid of reminders of trauma. It's ok to keep up with the news and social media, but exposure should be limited because information feeds our mind. Choose which info you want to keep in your head.

Cultivating mental health awareness and developing it is crucial for this. It will help you identify what you should limit, warning signs, which thoughts you should get rid of, and were to focus to take your next steps. 

Learning NLP as a Path to Slay those Obstacles

NLP is a way of revealing your blind so that you can reliably remove the obstacles that keep you from getting what you want in your life. NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is how we use our words (linguistics), to reprogram our minds ("neuro" and "programming"). Simply put. We can decode the unconscious language of our mind that is holding us back, and eliminate and upgrade our conversations just as an anti-virus programs eliminates viruses and repairs the damage to the system. When you learn NLP you get the tools to coach yourself (and sometimes others) through moments that you might normally get emotionally hijacked.

Our Mind ReMapping Mastery Programs can help you to learn the tools you need to reprogram old thoughts, and habits and you can even learn to do it yourself. To learn more visit www.mindremappingacademy.com/applynow

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