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Your Perception is Not Reality

The unconscious mind receives all the information given to us. Said information is filtered and processed before it reaches out conscious brain. This way we can manage and understand it.

How We Perceive Information

Back in the nineties (early to mid nineties), there were these abstract art pieces… and if you stared at them long enough, you could see the picture of the pattern.

One of my best friend would buy these all the time and I would stare at them for HOURS, and I could never see the picture. Then my friend would grab it and two seconds later she would say something like "Oh yeah, don't you see the dolphins swimming, jumping in the ocean next to some whales?" ...To me it would just look like a bunch or random colors and patterns.

So what does this have to do with anything?

The unconscious mind is the one that controls how you process information. It may be something as simple as a picture, but the way that you perceive that information is your own unique way because of all the previous unconscious processes.

Perception is Projection

Projection is where we see attributes that we possess showing up in other people. It's essential to recognize that if we didn't, at some level, believe possessed these attributes ourselves, we could never see it in others.

So you want to be mindful of how we are interpreting life, because the unconscious mind is symbolic and it will look for things ... symbols and signs to create meaning, but that meaning may not always be the true meaning and if you remember perception is projection, you know that whatever meaning you are creating comes from something you are reflecting form inside yourself.

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