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Are you at the Source or the Effect of Your Life?


One of the major themes I teach in my NLP training is that of cause and effect. Oftentimes in our lives it's easy to exist like we are at the effect of every circumstance in our lives. In fact, it's the most comfortable place to be, isn't it? People say, "I'm just a product of my environment" , "It is what it is.." What we fail to realize in these statements of resignation are what can keep up disempowered and in stuck states. Although, there may have be an element of truth to being a product of life's circumstances, it doesn't mean we have to continue to be that. The truth is after time, if we don't choose differently, we become volunteers to the circumstance. We choose resignation and cynicism. We choose to hold on to old belief systems that are clearly not working for us, and the worse thing is that when someone tries to challenge these old, destructive belief systems we fight to the death to hold on to them…to be right, to be justified in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

But if you are willing to really look at yourself, ask the following questions:

1. When has blaming other people, situations, or institution solved an issue and created happiness and fulfillment in my life?

2. When has taking ANOTHER person's inventory really done any good in my life or the life of another?

3. How are my limiting beliefs, justifications, desires to be liked, noticed, right or have the last say with everything and everyone really helping me move forward?

4. Where am I allowing my resignation and cynicism to drive the bus of my life?

If you truly feel that you have nothing to transform in this area, then you can stop reading this article right now. However, if you see that there may be room for growth in this area then you have already taken a monstrous step…keep reading

In every aspect of our lives we have choices, and the choices that we make have consequences. We can see those consequences as bad or good or we can simply see them as learning opportunities… feedback and guidance on our path. Detours from our path are inevitable. Like driving on a highway, if you take a wrong exit, all you have to do is find the right exit and get back on path.

How do we begin the process of letting go of resignation and cynicism? It begins with allowing yourself to dream. What do you want? What do you most desire? Where do you want to make a difference in this world? When we were children, we dreamed of being the heroes and heroines in our lives. Somewhere along the way, we lost that dream. Grab it back.

Then you must identify everything that is in the way… and by that I mean every disempowering thought, negative emotion, limiting belief and decision that you have made that slows you down like quicksand on your journey. Once you have written all of these down, be assured that for everyone you have identified, there are 5 more that are below the surface residing in the unconscious mind. That is where deep work comes into play.

One of the reasons I teach neurolinguistic programming and I help people learn hypnosis is because it helps them to go deeper to the root cause of what is holding them back.

Together in our trainings my students not only learn the tools to heal themselves, they experience the transformation via the tools that they will be later be using to help others.

It's important that we know our value in this world. Operating in life like you are at the effect robs you and others of the impact that we could be. Learn how to step back in the driver's seat of your bus, and you will join the sea of ripples fighting to create a tidal wave of change.

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