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Bending Spoons Part 1


A couple weeks ago I completed my Master Practitioner NLP & Hypnosis Training.

For my students, attaining the master practitioner level was about moving beyond the limitations of their mind to produce unimaginable results in their life. By the way, that's exactly what it's about for me too… showing my people that you CAN indeed go beyond the boundaries of your mind and produce results you could not imagine possible.

The last exercise we did was a modeling exercise that led to bending a spoon. Now, one might say, anyone can bend a spoon with enough brute force. That is true, but is that how you want to live your life? With brute force? How about with ease and grace instead?

You see, while cool, the exercise is not about the bending of the spoon, it's about the bending of the mind. The bending of the spoon is a representation of the mind's capability to create any result with ease, given the right beliefs, values, strategies, and internal state and physiology.

Most people when moving toward their goals or even moving through challenge do not take the time to consider their beliefs, values, internal strategies, state, and physiology. Instead, they simply push through….they use brute force. But how long can one use brute force in life before they...

1) burn themselves out (been there, done that) or

2) worse, burnout and alienate the people around them who are subject to that force?

To bend a spoon effortlessly, you must move beyond brute force and utilize all of your internal (and external) resources… that's power.

That's a lesson I am always learning, and that's because it's a lesson to be learned over and over again.

What internal resources are you forgetting that you have?

What have you not tapped into yet?

Who are the people that help you source these resources within yourself?

What other resources have you not discovered that can help you tap into the deepest and most powerful parts of your Self?

(Hint, if you haven't figured out by now, you're looking at one of those resources right now!)

My point, stop trying to bend the spoon with brute force.

Dig deeper, and discover the inner resources that will lead you to a more effortless life…

And if you need help, I'm here.

Learning NLP as a Path to Slay those Obstacles

NLP is a way of revealing your blind so that you can reliably remove the obstacles that keep you from getting what you want in your life. NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is how we use our words (linguistics), to reprogram our minds ("neuro" and "programming"). Simply put. We can decode the unconscious language of our mind that is holding us back, and eliminate and upgrade our conversations just as an anti-virus programs eliminates viruses and repairs the damage to the system. When you learn NLP you get the tools to coach yourself (and sometimes others) through moments that you might normally get emotionally hijacked.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024