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The Journey After the Journey Part 1

journey after journey


Although I've had iterations of this, I've never experienced it to the degree I am this time.

The Monday after the event, I felt fine…probably because I was riding right into a week long NLP Hypnosis training, and so there was no processing time. I went straight into trainer mode and kept it moving. The training was amazing. I was focused and on point. My students got their transformation. However, by the end of the week I was starting to feel a drag.

Luckily, I had blocked the following week off for rest. Here's what happened: 

Monday (after the training), I had a burst of energy (which I totally leveraged to create 22 Reels, by the way), but around 4pm I started to feel the drag.

By 6pm I noticed my mood begin to plummet and by 9pm an INTENSE sadness and grief came.

That night I experienced what I can only describe as a swirl of emotions that left me tearfully sleepless and frustrated.

All of this without any explainable trigger.

The tearful mood continued the next morning and suddenly I became aware of what was happening. Post event Dysphoria.

I had been going so long (and that going-ness likely created a physical imbalance in my hormones, brain chemicals, and body rhythms) that when I stopped, my body had to catch up with me.

The awareness gave me access to the next right step…. Acceptance and allowing.

Once I sat in the acceptance and validation for what was happening, then I could effectively create self compassionate actions to support myself.

Here's what that looked like….

I called a friend.

I have a few close people I feel safe talking about this with... So, I reached out. Told them what I was experiencing. They validated my experience (without trying to fix it). That gave me even more space to JUST BE with what I was feeling (and allowed me to put away my "something is wrong with me" conversation.

I put down my work...

I gave myself permission to get little to nothing accomplished.

I fixed a mug of hot chocolate and crawled under a blanket.

No explanation needed here.

I took OFF the rest of the week for recovery.

I know for some that's not always an option for everyone, but at least if you can, leave the rest of the week light for recovery.

Taking these actions allows me to ride the wave and be compassionate with myself as these feelings pass through me.

I encourage you to listen to your body, give yourself permission to stop when you need to, and love on yourself abundantly.

Thank you to my inner circle for continually making it safe for me to get out of my head and into dialogue. The telephone really does weigh a thousand pounds and I'm building the muscle because I am clear that my mind in this state is not the safest place to be J

Stay tuned for more as I chronicle the journey after the journey!

And of course if you want help moving through your own self-doubting spaces. Here's the link to schedule some time to chat.

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