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To Bend a Spoon Part 2

To Bend a Spoon Part 2


Remember last month I shared that I had completed teaching my Master Practitioner NLP & Hypnosis Training.

Well, for students, attaining the Master Practitioner level it's about moving beyond the limitations of their mind to produce unimaginable results in their life. By the way, that's exactly what it's about for me too… showing my people that you CAN indeed go beyond the boundaries of your mind and produce results you could not imagine possible.

The last exercise we did was a modeling exercise that led to the bending of a spoon. While cool, the exercise is not about the bending of the spoon itself.

The bending of the spoon is a representation of the mind's capability to create any result given the right beliefs, values, strategies, and internal state and physiology.

Most people when acquiring a skill do not take the time to truly model excellence. Instead, they attempt to find ways to shortcut their way to the mountain top. There is no shortcut.

That's not to say that what you want has to take as long as your predecessors, it doesn't. It IS to say that in order to get the things you want the way you want them, it takes work… deep work.

To bend the spoon, one must adopt specific beliefs, values, and strategies about themselves, the spoon, and the process. They must be able to control their internal state (thoughts and emotions) and focus their energy on the result allowing all other influences to fall away.

They must adopt the exact physiology of excellence that will make the bending of the spoon safe and effortless (and will produce the exact result they are intending to produce).

And they must trust that they know the exact right time to bend that spoon and when they feel that energy flowing down the hand and into the fingers in that moment act without emotion, hesitation, or doubt.

All of my students bent the spoon that day. They went beyond the boundaries of their mind. And they are continuing to do that today.

Where are you putting boundaries around what's possible in your life? Where are you not going beyond the boundaries to achieve what you truly want, desire, and deserve?

I invite you to bend the spoon… bend the spoon of your mind and go beyond the boundaries.

You have all the resources you need…. You really do!

Now, sometimes we need help accessing those resources… seeing them….reconnecting with them…

And that is the reason most people reach out to me and become either client (for a personal breakthrough) or become a student in one of our trainings (to learn the tools to create ongoing transformation in themselves and others).

Whether you know you have the internal capacity of the resources (but are having trouble accessing it)… or whether you don't yet… or even if you are unsure right now… The thing to be sure of is that you are not alone. There are people who can help you bend that spoon. You only have to be ready to be willing to know it's possible to do so… and take action now.
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