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Can Learning NLP & Hypnosis Be Useful Even If I Don’t Want to Be a Coach?


 A common question my clients and prospective students ask me is if you have to be a doctor, therapist, or coach to learn hypnosis and NLP. While I do tend to have a lot of physicians, therapists, coaches, and healthcare professionals in my training (by the sheer fact that I, myself, am a physician), my training contains professionals that span various industries from real estate to law. In fact, several students who have graduated from my training who entered the training clearly that didn't want to necessarily be a coach. That said, they left the program also clear that the coaching tools that they learned were applicable in every area of life.

An example is one of my graduates who is the mom of two boys. She recounted to me how she was able to use some of the reframing language patterns that she learned in the training to shift the response patterns of her son's surrounding mealtimes. The type of tools that are taught in NLP training can be used to improve your listening, your intuition, and your ability to communicate in a way that really speaks to ANY person you are talking with. It can be used to empower a more resourceful state when you are feeling stuck in procrastination or negative emotion. It can be used to reframe your own internal negative self-talk, and you can reframe the unhelpful self-talk of others.

Some still wonder, what about hypnosis? What is the benefit to learn hypnosis if I'm not a therapist, doctor, or coach? Well, firstly, learning hypnosis and hypnotic language patterns are useful beyond the therapeutic space. I utilize self-hypnosis often when I'm having trouble going to sleep, or if I am experiencing anxiety. I have even used hypnosis during procedures to help "turn down" my pain receptors. Imagine, NOT having to take a sleep aid, prescription, or natural. After my surgery, I was able to use much less pain medication because of these skills. And I used hypnosis while getting my last tattoo to mitigate the discomfort.

I've used hypnosis to help my son get to sleep after a nightmare or during nights when he feels scared. I used it to calm him down when he was anxious. Hypnosis is a valuable tool to have for oneself and to help the people around you. Furthermore, because hypnosis is not all about being "zonked out", it's about learning to center and focus yourself. You can use hypnotic language patterns to help decrease resistance during conflict and to help the person you are speaking to put their focus or attention on what's important in the conversation.

So while NLP and hypnosis training is an enormous value add to coaches, and while it is an incredible skill for physicians, health providers, and therapists to have, it is highly useful for anyone who wants to master communication internal and external... wants to be the master of their internal state and external results, and finally it's essential to those who want to elevate their lives, and make a difference in the lives of the people around them

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