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Holding Your Gaze

holding your gaze

"We can learn from the past, but keep this saying in mind: Look, but don't stare."

by Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

Today's lesson is about holding your gaze to the bigger picture.

If you've watched my previous videos, you may know I'm a yogi, and I love to bring lessons from the mat.

So, I was on the mat practicing the other day, in an intermediate-advanced class. There is a movement that you do where you have to jump through and end up in a seated position with crossed legs. While learning this position the tendency is, while jumping, to look down or to the back. But what instructors will tell you is that you should be looking forward to the direction that you want to go. As I practiced that day I noticed that with consistency, as I looked forward the motion was effortless, and if I looked down or back, I was unable to smoothly jump through.

 Why Does This Matter?

When you look where you're going in your business and in your life, you can see where you are going. You are actually focused in the direction of the outcome, and are thus more likely to get there. In your life and in your career, sometimes we spend a lot of time with our heads down doing what we're doing at the moment, handling the little things.

The bigger picture can get lost and it can be frustrating because you wonder: What am I doing all this work for?

The key is: you have to keep looking ahead, towards your vision of success. When you're looking out instead of looking down, you actually pull forward towards the vision and the path becomes very clear. I know, sometimes we get caught up with the things we didn't do or things we should've done. Things from the past. We can learn from the past, but keep this saying in mind: Look, but don't stare.

You may glance behind, but you don't want to stare, to analyze the past. Stop and work with someone who can help you to create your vision, and to be clear about it. That's one of the things I do in my Free Strategy sessions. I help doctors and medical professionals who are not clear about the direction they are going get clear about their vision. This helps them to know that what they want is possible and see a pathway to get there. 

If you want to get clear on your vision...

You really have to keep your head forward if you want to move forward with any kind of velocity in your life. So, your challenge this week is to look OUT, to look FORWARD and continue to hold your gaze and notice all the inspiration that comes forth as you do.


Dr. Maiysha

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