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The Unconscious Mind: Perception, Deception, and Focusing on the Big Picture

If we want to have a chance of changing the current situation, we will need to dismantle conversations at the unconscious level. There is a difference between the world itself and how we experience it.


Each person has a different model of the world. That personal view is our reference of reality, and not necessarily reality itself. The world based on experience, beliefs, values, and emotional experiences installed by our parents, media, daily life, etc. It's a so-called reality.

Some can go as far as completely disregarding others due to strictly thinking that their reality is the only one. 


Damage is done by acting on a truth that is not even reality. Perception can play tricks. This is called deception. Misleads, hides the truth, or promotes a belief that's not true.

Sometimes, we can get stuck on a site in the map and lose sight of the territory. The map is not the territory, which means that what we think is our truth isn't necessarily what's out there.

Focus on the Big Picture Enter heading here...

Don't get distracted from the ultimate goal by a particular place on the map.

Remember the territory. This is where you put your energy and attention for what will truly make the difference in the long run. That is how you create transformation.


Dr. Maiysha

Ready for positive belief change? Ready to get rid of the negative emotions, limiting beliefs and self doubt standing in the way of you living your best life?

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024