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Where You Put Your Focus Matters. Be Careful With Your Words


It's important to watch your words, because your words are creative. Now, when I talk about watching your words I not only mean the words that you speak out loud, but also the words that you speak to yourself internally.

And just as important is our focus, because depending on it is how we formulate our language. Are you putting your focus on what you want, or in stuff you don't really care about?

We tend to put our focus in one of two places: Either in what we want to be or what we don't want. How many times have you heard people say "I don't want this"? And then there are others who repeat to themselves "I want THIS", I want to make this much money", "I want to make this impact". You've probably heard examples of both of these, haven't you? Well, for the latter, their vision is forward facing.. that is they are focusing on the future. For the first group, their vision is on the rear view… meaning they are focusing on what they are running away from.

Focus: Occupying your mind with positives, and leaving the negatives aside​​

To truly create effectively, you must focus forward toward what you want. Here's why this is so important, especially from a mind remapping standpoint. The brain linguistics do not recognize the negative, only the positive spoken language. This means that your brain won't hear the "don't want" part. So, what does that leave you with?

An example. Let's say that you are thinking about a partner and your ideal relationship. If you think "I don't want drama", "I don't want him to be this way", "I don't want her to have this", your brain won't hear the negative aspect. It will only concentrate on what's occupying your mind… and that is all the stuff you said you didn't want. Get it?

Then this little part of your brain called the reticular activating system (which is the part of your brain that tries to find a match in the world for what you are creating in your mind) is also listening, and it pays special attention to what you say.

So, If you're constantly saying things like "I don't want drama", "I don't want to be broke", or "I don't want to lose my job"... Then the reticular activating system only hears "want drama", "lose my job" or "be broke".

So, what you want to do is to focus exclusively on what you want. Whatever you focus on - positive or negative - your brain will go towards it. So keep those thoughts progressing towards things that you DO want in your life!

What are the things that you're running away from and how can you shift your thoughts to what you want to run towards?
Keep present the things that you want, the results you would get, and how your life would look like if you walked away from what you don't want anymore. Think about that, talk about that. That's how you keep your thoughts and manifestations clean, and without wasting energy in what should be left in the past. Stop looking in the rear view mirror and start looking forward.
Learning NLP as a Path to Slay those Obstacles

NLP is a way of revealing your blind so that you can reliably remove the obstacles that keep you from getting what you want in your life. NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is how we use our words (linguistics), to reprogram our minds ("neuro" and "programming"). Simply put. We can decode the unconscious language of our mind that is holding us back, and eliminate and upgrade our conversations just as an anti-virus programs eliminates viruses and repairs the damage to the system. When you learn NLP you get the tools to coach yourself (and sometimes others) through moments that you might normally get emotionally hijacked.

Our Mind ReMapping Mastery Programs can help you to learn the tools you need to reprogram old thoughs, and habits and you can even learn to do it yourself. Ready to transform your life? Join our upcoming training! 

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Maiysha Clairborne MD is an integrative family physician and trainer of NLP & Hypnosis. She hosts the podcast Next Level Physicians Thriving Outside the Box & is the founder of the Mind ReMapping Academy.Read more about her, and catch her podcast and blogs at www.DrMaiysha.com
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