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My Therapist has both Hypnosis and NLP Training, and That’s the Reason I Chose Her

My Therapist has both Hypnosis and NLP Training, and That’s the Reason I Chose Her

I have often been asked by therapist what value having NLP training bring to their practice. Similarly, I've been asked by my personal transformation clients, can doing the work of NLP improve my therapy. Let me first share why choosing a therapist who has had NLP training or hypnosis training could not only enhance your experience but also deepen your healing and catapult your results.

As part of my self-care practice, I engage a therapist regularly. As a doctor and coach who not only works in an area where I'm helping others move through their trauma, but also, I am experiencing vicarious trauma from the world being a black woman who consults and trains in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space, I know it's important to take care of my mental well being so that I can bring a clean mental space to my clients. However, being highly trained in therapeutic work (not to mention work that so heavily deals with the language and the unconscious mind), I felt I needed someone who could see through my training and listen for the very well hidden blind spots that having my kind of expertise can hide. So I specifically looked for a therapist who was not only equipped with the licensing of a therapist but also had the training in Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis.

What has been the benefit of having a therapist with the additional skills of NLP and Hypnosis?

Therapists are already trained to listen in ways that are different than the normal population. They help us discover deeper parts of ourselves, our stories, and our traumas, and they help us move toward healing. They can do this because they are trained to ask powerful questions and get to the root of problematic thinking and behavior. A therapist who adds the skill of NLP training adds an element of listening and speaking that even the highest trained therapist may not have. That is because NLP, hypnosis, and Time Line therapy training add the element of communication with the unconscious mind.

Most of the traditional work that therapists do is working with the conscious mind…consciously processing emotions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. However, the limitation of that is that what gets healed is the stuff that is at the surface, and if the unconscious belief, value, or trauma doesn't get dealt with, a similar situation in a different context could re-activate that deeper unconscious trigger raising the same reaction. This is one reason the healing process in traditional therapy can take months to years. When you add the element of working directly with the unconscious mind with a therapist who has both NLP and Hypnosis training, it allows them to get right to that deep unconscious belief, and weed it from the root rather than surface weed whacking. Now, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with a therapy process taking months to years, however, what I am saying is that I'm sure the commitment of most therapists is to get to the root of the problem and heal it in the most efficient and effective way possible, and so if there were deep work process that helped therapists more quickly and deeply helps their clients process through a trauma, it would be a win for both the therapist and the client.

Additionally, NLP has some amazing rapid transformational tools that can add significant value conversationally in the moment when reframing a client, helping a client rapidly shift belief or habit, or helping them to get into a more empowered state in the moment. There are quick anxiety release states, procrastination release processes, and even learning and decision-making strategies that can be taught to clients to empower them with new resources to improve their daily lives.

Knowing this is why I love having mental health professionals and therapists in my NLP and hypnosis training. I know that they will go back out into their practice not only personally transformed by the experience of the training, but also empowered with the tools to bring an even bigger, deeper healing experience to their clients.

Personally, my experience with my therapist has been just that… transformational. She hears through all of my well-placed responses to catch the recesses of disempowered thought or hidden stuck emotion. She is masterful at recreating what I say to her in a way that has me hear the limiting beliefs and is powerful at reframing me to help me see things in contexts that I had not previously thought about.

If you are a client wondering if NLP and Hypnosis training is a value add to your therapy, the answer is absolute yes! If you are a therapist leaning in now, wondering if NLP and hypnosis training could give you the missing link that you need to bring deeper healing and transformation to your clients, then you probably already know the answer is yes.

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