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Where you put your words matters

When we have some goals or plans, we often set our focus on two things either on
the things that we want to or those that we don't want. While we have our own
freedom to choose either of the two, we must be mindful of what leads us more to a
better result. One that will protect our mental outlook.

It has been said over again that our words matter. And what we put on our minds
affects our progress.

The brain linguistically does not recognize the negative.

Interestingly, when we focus on the things that we don't want our brain does not
listen to the word DON'T and only hears the negative things with it. For instance,
When we say I DON'T want to be poor, our brain only hears I WANT to be poor.
When we say I DON'T WANT TO FAIL, it only hears WANT TO FAIL.

So as we set our minds, we must be more aware of the statements we are to

Focus on the things you want to create.

What makes many people more alive is when they look at the positive side of
things. Same with how we formulate our thoughts. It is a lot better to keep in mind
the things that we want to have than the things that we don't want since our brain
will do what it can to produce that result.

on words that could motivate you more. You can be empowered when you
remind yourself of the goals that you want to achieve instead of the ones that you
don't want to get.

Because if you always think of those you don't want, it may lead you to have
them instead. Focus on what you want to create, not what you want to avoid

Find something to refocus your attention.

If you find yourself focusing more on the negative side of things, there are things
you can do to refocus your attention. Taking care of yourself by limiting the amount
you spend on social media, doing a good workout, showering with essential oils, or
watching a good movie are among the things you can do to begin refocusing your
attention away from the negative.

Additionally, strive to be in a good community, build strong connections with others
and prepare for uncertainties. Build vision boards, set realistic goals, and practice
affirmation. This way, you are slowly remapping your mind by refocusing your
attention on positive things. And remember your words matter. 

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